Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday season

This is a great time to spend with pets.

If you are going away this holiday season; let me pamper your pets for you.

They get to stay in the comfort of their own owns and get fed, love, attention, cuddles and walks.

I am available to mind pets in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pets prefer their own homes

I know I know!

Those of you with pets probably already know that when their owners plan on going away for holidays their pets sense it and start acting a little different.

Some cats refuse to come near their owners and some dogs start whining and acting more clingy. Hemingway gets into my bags and manages to climb into my closest or clothes. He really acts up. And he is even worse if I have to board him at a local vet, he is impossible to get into the cat box.

And so owners leave their pets feeling really guilty.

It's hard enough leaving pets as is, but sometimes the decision may be harder booking them into a vet. And vets are fantastic. The animals get walks, love, food and care. Most vets have great spaces for cats to sun themselves in and walk through. They have places for dogs to run in and allocate walks.

But if your pets are already feeling insecure then taking them to board in a vet makes them even more insecure.

Hemingway gets nasty and he is impossible to go near while I am away. So having him in the comfort of his own kingdom is an easier option for me. He has full reign of the house, his own smells and comforts and it means a much happier and secure cat. And a pet sitter comes to feed him twice a day, so Hemingway loves the attention and food but also loves having his own space.

So hiring a pet sitter means your pet can stay in their own secure environment and receive food, walks, love, attention and care while you are away.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Welcome to Lick and Purr

Welcome to my pet minding business Lick and Purr, where I look after your cats, dogs, fish and birds for you while you are away.

I service the Eastern Suburbs area of Sydney, have a look at the right hand side of this blog for prices and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

I have a pet budgie Molly Blue and an orange cat named Hemingway so I can't wait to meet your pets.