Friday, December 21, 2012

No More Fleas! Treatments for Cats

My cat is very furry! And he spends a lot of time outdoors exposing himself to all sorts of things.

I've had a lot of problems getting rid of fleas until I started using Fleas Off as well as using Advocate once a month.

Fleas Off is a natural flea way to control fleas. It contains sterile water, vinegar, garlic, citrus, and herbs. I add a teaspoon to his dry food every day to naturally prevent fleas from biting and laying their eggs.

Advocate not only treats parasite infections, but monthly treatment can help protect your cat against fleas, heartworm, gastrointestinal worms, lungworm and ear mites. 


Both are brilliant products to treat your cat against things that move in the grass! But you still have to check for ticks and parasites - and if you do find a tick - rush your pet to the vet immediately.

I've also used apple cider vinegar, which actually prevents the fleas from biting. While it doesn't prevent fleas, it does prevent biting (although it does smell very strong!) I actually dilute the apple cider vinegar in water and then cover his fur with a damp cloth - this usually lasts a few days. (And it is not a tried and tested method - it just stopped the constant biting!)

Have your pet checked at least once a year and if you see any problems, strange bites or marks, or if your pet is behaving strangely (drinking too much, scratching incessantly, not eating, showing any signs of distress or acting extremely cranky) - take your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adopt a Pet!

Here are reasons why you should adopt a pet rather than buying one -

I adopted Khaya from a vet when he was 7 months old (he's now just over 2 years) and we both couldn't be happier!

There are many reasons why you should adopt a pet:

1. You are saving a life
2. You are giving an animal a forever home
3. You have their trust and respect for life (this will take time and you will have to earn it and ensure that you give him/her trust and respect in return)
4. There is no bond quite like a bond between a pet and an owner
5. Your pet will give you unconditional love (with the right treatment and care; once your pet has placed his/her trust in you and you have earned that trust - the bond can never be broken)
6. Having a pet is good for you.
7. If you adopt a pet; you have to commit to 10 - 15 years of your life with him/her - adopt wisely - be prepared for the commitment
8. I can think of a hundred more reasons - but this last one is, you don't realise how simple happiness until you have adopted a pet. Mine has added an incredible warmth and spirit to my life!

Source: Pinterest

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Keep your dog cool this Summer!

Fill the bucket with water (you can use chicken broth, too) and some dog pets and treats 

It takes a day to freeze solid, this will keep your dog entertained throughout the day.

Another alternative is to freeze water (small toys and treats) into a Zoku quick pop maker (you can buy plastic popsicle (frozen ice treats) alternatives anywhere really) and make a whole lot of these treats for a dog to enjoy throughout the summer season!

Here's some recipes and suggestions (and lovely photo) from Southern Lace.