Monday, September 13, 2010

Kitten ...

I lost Hemingway on the 29 July after 8 years. He had advanced lung cancer and I was devastated to have him put down.

After all the vet bills, and seeing him slowly get thinner and thinner, I knew it was the right thing for him, but it didn't hurt any less and I still feel the loss of him every day. I got him when he was a tiny, feral baby and I loved him and all his crazy ways.

Vale Hemingway.

I got a 6 month old kitten 4 days later and my gosh, I have suddenly become a kitten trainer for my vampire kitten.

I had to force a collar with 2 bells and a tag on him, because he is going to be an outdoor cat and I have to make sure both he and the possums/ducks/ bush mice and sewer rats are all safe.

Then I decided to walk him around with a cat harness which he hates, hates, hates! That seems to be the only way because he is a bit wild and vampirish and  I think I have to be a bit protective.

He leaps and bites so I have to use a spray bottle on him. I only have to raise the spray bottle at him and he runs away, so that works! He hates the word no, every time I say the word no, his eyes go bright green and his ears go flat.

I do believe that it is not only about feeding a kitten, it is about raising a kitten.

Vampire and I bonded straight away but because he got abandoned and then rescued, he went a bit wild and unsettled and I am responsible for raising him, loving him and making him feel safe.

How do you raise your kitten?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Second visit to the vet ...

I went to Animals Doctors again to have my cat checked. I hate it when Hemingway is sick and strange and I had no idea what was wrong with him.

Now he is back on antibiotics and I have to rub paste on his upper lip.

After his visit to the vet; he has disappeared probably because after his ordeal at the vet; he has to recover.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Animal Doctors ...

This vet gets my highest recommendation.

I've had Hemingway for 8 years and it is like living with a wild tiger. He hates vets, hates them. He has embarassed me by hanging on to people's necks and hissing, scratching, hiding behind computers and he has managed to get thrown out of 1 vet and removed from vet care when I paid for him to stay there while I went away for a few days.

Not Animal Doctors. This vet has such a gentle way with animals and lets Hemingway take his time with him. Of course, I hardly ever take Hemmy to the vet, not for his yearly injections (I know, I feel awful) and not for anything unless I am convinced I have no choice.

I have an appointment on Monday so will have to lock the cat flap and shove Hemmy into his cat box. The cat box is out and open so Hemmy knows something is up and hopefully will not go as deranged and psycho like every other time; when I put him in it.

I think for me, having a good vet, is just as important as having a great doctor, endocrinologist and who ever else medically I need. I love people who love their jobs, who have a passion about their work and who have such a way with animals (or humans for that matter).

I am so glad that I went and got kicked out of quite a few vets (Hemmy attacked a vet and hung onto his neck, refused to get out of a box at another one, went psycho at another one and attacked two men at a grooming parlour) until I found the right one.

If you live in Sydney; take your pet/s to someone who not only has a great way with animals but also is amazing to the owners.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pet friendly accommodation in Sydney ...

Want to take your pets ( I am assuming dogs) on holiday with you?

Have a look at these wonderful and pet friendly stays for you and your pets.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Farewell Toby, a complete Wonderdog

Dr Katrina Warren's 14 year old chocolate collie Toby died on Tuesday I think and he was quite a dog.

When I moved to Sydney I watched Dr Katrina and Dr Harry give vet advice to people on their programmes and Toby was always there, an absolute favourite pet and an intelligent dog.

I think with anyone who loses a pet; there is a great sense of loss. You build such a bond with your pet, especially over many years and Toby was so active on TV, in a book and a companion by Dr Katrina Warren's side.

RIP to a wonderful dog. I heard someone on Twitter console someone who lost a pet saying they leave footprints on your heart and I believe this is completely true.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Greeting ...

What have you trained your pet to do?

My cat, Hemingway knows how to greet and murmurs a soft and subtle greeting every time I walk in and out of a room he is lying in. I assume because I always greet him, say hello by his name when I come and go and he picked it up.

It is the sweetest sound, a very soft one syllable greeting and he does it to visitors as well.

He has also learnt what kiss is. And either rubs his head against my lips when I say kiss or bends his head down for a kiss.

I am not sure if this is acquired behaviour or some sort of conditioning, but he has been living with me for 8 years nearly and definitely has picked up some of my traits.

What does your pet do?