Monday, September 14, 2009

Cats who change peoples' lives

I love cats.

Hemingway is feral and is like a tiger but has this incredible spirit and personality. Sometimes he is completely mad and then suddenly docile and he keeps life interesting. I know there are thousands of stories of people whose cats have literally changed their lives or circumstances or brought them some kind of value.

Here are some:

Cleo - a tiny black runt kitten who came into Helen's life in possible the worst time of grief and helped her and her son Rob heal. This book is a tearjerker and it is so interesting to read about the kind of cat Cleo is (was?)

Dewey - was literally abandoned at the library. And become the library cat. This cat touched everybody and as you can see from the website Dewey became the town cat. Vicki believes that Dewey had a sixth sense about people in need and came into hers at a very much needed time.

3 cats - This book is an incredible read about three different cats who literally seemed like Thea's babies. Each cat offered her something and the bond she developed with each of them and what she gained from them was really great to read.

Sissy the cat - Sissy helped a family through loss.

They had me at meow - the true story of a woman and the 30 cats she loved inside a feral cat colony.

And, Trim the seafaring cat who travelled with Flinders and Bass.

Most authors and people who have loved cats all say the same thing. Cats choose their owners. Hemingway licked my arm when I was trying to choose a kitten and I took him home. They come to you when needed - and while Hemmy is feral and probably less affectionate and doesn't sit on my lap, we have an incredible bond and I feel that my life is richer because of him.

There are hundreds of stories and books about cats and their owners. (Or masters!)

Please tell me your cat stories.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rescued dogs generally need less training

And a whole lot of love.

Adopt a homeless pet. The Pedigree Adoption Drive is all about adopting homeless dogs.

And giving them happy endings.