Friday, January 29, 2010

Farewell Toby, a complete Wonderdog

Dr Katrina Warren's 14 year old chocolate collie Toby died on Tuesday I think and he was quite a dog.

When I moved to Sydney I watched Dr Katrina and Dr Harry give vet advice to people on their programmes and Toby was always there, an absolute favourite pet and an intelligent dog.

I think with anyone who loses a pet; there is a great sense of loss. You build such a bond with your pet, especially over many years and Toby was so active on TV, in a book and a companion by Dr Katrina Warren's side.

RIP to a wonderful dog. I heard someone on Twitter console someone who lost a pet saying they leave footprints on your heart and I believe this is completely true.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Greeting ...

What have you trained your pet to do?

My cat, Hemingway knows how to greet and murmurs a soft and subtle greeting every time I walk in and out of a room he is lying in. I assume because I always greet him, say hello by his name when I come and go and he picked it up.

It is the sweetest sound, a very soft one syllable greeting and he does it to visitors as well.

He has also learnt what kiss is. And either rubs his head against my lips when I say kiss or bends his head down for a kiss.

I am not sure if this is acquired behaviour or some sort of conditioning, but he has been living with me for 8 years nearly and definitely has picked up some of my traits.

What does your pet do?