Sunday, August 28, 2011

Social Petworking

Coming soon, a way to connect for anyone who loves their pet/s.

Friends Furever, where you can discuss everything about your pet/s and talk about your furry friend/s on a new website and forum.

This will be a great new site for pet lovers to post pictures, info, expertise and experience and meet like minded pet owners.

There are so many famous vets and pets online and it's a great network for people who feel socially isolated or need to discuss, illnesses, issues and animal behaviours.

If you need advise on pet behaviour or pet issues, just Google and find some great people who will offer you advise, resources and assistance for any of your furry friends.

It's a great way to meet, network, find and mingle with pet lovers.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last year - this time today

Last year this time today, my cat of 8 years Hemingway was put down (or euthanised) because he had advanced lung cancer. People have asked me what it was like for me, to watch him and be with him when he died and I can assure you it was the most graceful and dignified course of action.

 It was very sad, very heart wrenching but there was an immense beauty. My vet was incredible and I stroked him and talked to him throughout. He knew and I knew that he was loved and treasured and I think he knew that my decision was out of love.

It was honestly very special, I was filled with gratitude and I am very grateful that I was with him. My views on this will never change, I promised to love him every single day until the day he died. And I did. I did not want him to die alone. For me, it was hard, I cried and sobbed and couldn't really control my grief, he knew he was loved and valued.

If you love your pet and have no choice other to do this, being with your pet the moment of his/her passing is an incredible gift for both of you. It is an act of certainty but also an act of grace.

There is  a guideline for this course of action: If there comes a time when you know that I am suffering please euthanise me. I trust that you will always make the right decision for me for I am the blood of your heart. Be with me - I want you to be my last vision.

There are still days when I accidentally call my now a year and a half cat Khaya, Hemingway and there are still many times that I compare Khaya's actions and behaviours to Hemmy's.

Khaya is a complete softie, he loves hugs and affection, he is truly an incredible little soul and he brings me great pleasure and joy. I promised myself my next cat would be nothing like Hemingway, so I could remember him fondly - but I do miss his crazy feral ways.

Somewhere (I hope) I will see him again.

Vale Hemingway, you are missed.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tips to keep pets healthy and happy

Khaya is no longer a kitten, he is now 1 year and 3 months old.

I haven't written much on this blog, been busy concentrating on my business but thought I would give you some things I have learnt from my pets.

To keep a budgie happy and healthy - you can tell by the sounds that they make. If it is a whistling singing, chirpy sound, then that is a good sign:

Vary budgie food, I add milletts and budgie treats to her actual bowl of food to give her variety. She has a shell thing to chew on, to keep her beak healthy and it comes with vitamins.

Use the lice spray once a week on her (40 cm away) and on the cage. Their seeds attract lice.

Empty bowl of food everyday, they crack the seeds and leave what looks like a bowl full of food, but it is often just empty shells.

Budgies are desert birds and retain their water, change the bowl every day.

And clean cage once a week, the seed thing again, attracts lice and mice and germs.

Cat: How you can tell whether it is well and happy, no abrasions or wounds on skin, no dirt on skin/fur, they purr when they are comfortable and are not begging for food.

I do the same thing with Khaya, I vary his food. I try out different types of biscuits and wet food. He mainly gets dry biscuits apparently this helps with teeth maintenance.

I change his water once a day and provide him with cat grass. I also try to find food with vegetables, just to keep him healthy.

Clean cat litter once a week. Obviously by this I mean change completely, I clean cat litter all the time, but once a week, like with all my other pets, I clean tank, cage, cat litter etc

Khaya has a flea collar, he gets bathed every few weeks and because he has long hair he gets brushed and I use dry shampoo on him once a week. He doesn't mind.

And I play with him everyday, cats need the attention.

And the 3 fish, I clean out 25% of their tank a week, clean the tank's glass every few days, feed them twice a day, add plants so they can eat and it gives them variety.

I keep them happy by cleaning their tank, keeping the water clear (I use special salt and cleaning agents from Japan for this).

It sounds like a lot of work, but it isn't. They all get fed the same time every morning. Everything gets cleaned and cleared once a week. They all get attention every day of some kind.

I talk to the budgie and let her out when I can - the cat has tried to eat her. And Khaya the cat rules the house and gets away with every thing. The fish are the hardest, I am slowly learning how to keep them healthy and happy without over doing it.

Tell me your tips to have healthy and happy pets?